Mike King

Mike King “The Nicest Man in the World”  (1954 - 2018)

Mike was steadfast and kind. He greeted us in the morning, holding the door open and wishing us a good day. Chatting with cab drivers, who were waiting outside our building, Mike kept them from leaving us when we were running late. He made sure the community had fresh drinking water available in the lobby. Mike took care of us with daily gestures that we will never forget. 

"Mike never said no to anyone," his best friend, also named Mike, proudly described Mike King's generosity. The two Mikes, together known as the "M & M Boys," a reference to the NY Yankees duo Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, bought each other meals and had a Sunday night tradition of making pasta, meatballs, and sauce. His daily rituals also included sharing iced coffee with Susan and Sam, each who wanted you to know how important he was to them. Mike's home attendant, Sue, also held a special place in his heart and was recognized by Mike's community for her dedication.

His kindness wasn't limited to those he knew personally but extended to the guests, family, and friends of the building where he lived. A neighbor shared how important it was to her that Mike greeted her home attendant by name. Another neighbor told a story of Mike giving money to her children "just because they were children," implying that children are the responsibility of the community.

His presence continues in his absence.
We were lucky to have Mike in our lives.