Bob Provost

I was well established as a freelance architectural draftsman and estimator specialized in one field; architectural structures that all incorporated natural stone. Most were large high end commercial projects. After 22 years at this career I became somewhat disenchanted. I thought perhaps I’d like to begin putting the same hard work into my own artworks as I did in assisting architects & designers realize theirs. So, I began by attending school full time and creating. Currently, my art has morphed into abstraction, geometric abstraction, and abstract relief sculpture, almost entirely realized with the same color palette.

There are artists I enjoy, and know about. It could be said I am influenced by them, and borrow from them intentionally or not. Having started late in life in the art world I can be sort of art dumb. Fortunately, my two decade career in architecture possessed of different nuances to conventional fine art has made up for dumbness in its own way, and gives me abilities to create interesting colorful things beyond simply medium on medium. I believe beauty can be seen or perceived in a lot of things that we don’t often let our mind spend time on. The same goes for hard work; most of the time we take this for granted. Art abounds.

In part my art strives toward this. Beyond seeing and/or appreciating the color palette and compositions of my works I hope any underappreciated hard work may stand out. Perhaps this is because I believe, for example, even some of the architectural drawings draftsman draw could be exhibited in galleries. To an extreme example I’ll say most people don’t want to watch a guy with a jack hammer at a construction site. They might see beauty in it if they watched long enough. I want people to want to watch more of my artwork after having watched a couple pieces initially; to see the hard work. I strive that my work does this. I will use many methods, tools or materials to get there because somehow I know I can arrive. My life experience informs me of this. I think my work reflects this. I believe this makes my work unique.