Daniel Schack

I have been doing art, mostly drawing, since age 5. I studied art and other subjects in high school and college. I have 3 ½ years at state university at NY at Buffalo and Purchase.

I have drawn decorative, conceptual, realistic and non-representational work. In the past year or two, I decided to draw nude female figures to deal with my feelings, both positive and negative about the opposite gender in a constructive and healthy way. 

As J.A.D. Ingres, the great French 19th-century artist said, “there are no good or bad drawings. Only beautiful and ugly ones.” I love that quote. Not only drawings, but human beings can be considered beautiful and ugly, not just necessarily good or bad. I hope to create more beautiful than ugly drawings in life, but of course, that there is no guarantee. I don’t know what the future holds. Hopefully, good news and art.

To see more work, please visit www.poetrysoup.com and search Daniel Schack.