Matthew Anish

Now I Tell the Tale
I have wandered
in imaginary kingdoms
and seen wonders
but now I am back
on the wavelength of reality
The years are not always kind
But the warm winds of late summer
are kind
It matters little
if the game of chance we all play
Because the power of the life force
brings manifold strength and blessings
to those touched by its powers
Listen and listen well
to the sounds nature brings
to us
The cry of a bird
and its urgent flight
Shows us the way
to happiness and freedom

-Matthew Anish

A Rather Lazy Day (from "Of Other Things:)

Felt a little lazy
So I rested today
Cancelled an appointment
with an old friend
Took lozenges and
many cups of green tea with honey
Tomorrow back to the old grind
So I decide to
take the time
to write an ode
Isn't it nice
to pour our feelings and thoughts
onto the blank page
In this technological age
Pen and paper
still have their place
in the midst of the frenetic race
for money and love
Perhaps someone
Out there in the darkness
Will read this and decide to a
Write an ode themselves
The mind can reach other minds and
The soul can reach other souls
After the carnage
There is still much to say
Your words can
Show others the way
And like honey form the hive
We need careful words
To stay alive

-Matthew Anish

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